About Us

The owner + partner of TutorBright Prairies, and founder of Aligned Co., Chelsea Arns is a thriving entrepreneur.

She has dedicated her adult life to finding the balance between being a strong and successful entrepreneur, and being a mother and wife, and feels that she has found the recipe with the Aligned Planner. A leader to the core with a penchant for organization and public speaking, as well as Chelsea’s background in tutoring has given her exactly what is needed to mentor others in aligning their personal and professional goals, as a business, Law of Attraction + Mindset Mentor. Her mindset accountability + Aligned goal strategy for achievers + entrepreneurs can help you too, to Align your life + enjoy the journey.

A firm believer that you can “have it all,” Chelsea believes that you can create the life you want not at the expense of yourself, but in alignment with the highest version of yourself.