Manifest your goals into reality, enjoy the journey + align with the law of attraction as you step into your highest vibrational self.

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Are you an overachiever who has finally realized that true happiness & success lies in the journey?

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A Planner + Journal to help you be, do + have
anything you set your mind to

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Mindset Accountability

Be accountable to raise your vibe every day so you can live happy + vibrate higher

Prioritize your well-being + growth

Track your daily wins

Create, recite + become your affirmations

Re-align yourself each week with what you want to have, what you need to do to get it, + who you need to be.

High Performance Planner

Stylish + minimal for ultimate clarity

Habit trackers you can cut out + place exactly where you need them

Monthly calendarsDaily time table

Aligned Goal Strategy (yearly goals chunked down into quarterly goals, weekly commitments + daily actions)

Reflection Journal

Daily gratitude, intention + self-love

Awareness of values, priorities + how you are always creating your reality

Track your weekly takeaways

Track your progress each quarter

Extra lined pages for journalling + notes each day, at the end of each week + at the back of the planner


Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s part of the journey. That’s why the Aligned Planner + Journal has you reflect with journal prompts and gratitude every day… to get you in the habit of choosing happiness.

Because as you already know, what you focus on expands.

Aligned Planner + Journal

Goals to Manifest This Year

At the start of every quarter, you will declare, write out and reassess your goals and targets with specificity. When writing out your goals, focus more on the “what” and the “why”.

Table of Contents

A sneak peek at the contents of the Aligned Planner & Journal.

Habit Tracker

Your reality is ultimately created by the things you do every single day. The best way to accomplish your goals is by creating and committing to habits that will make the biggest impact towards creating the life you desire.

Every Aligned Planner & Journal comes with 3 different habit trackers that can be cut out and physically posted wherever you’ll see them the most, so you can stay accountable to your new habit, every single day.

Daily + Weekend Pages

Make an impact each day by taking a few moments to choose happiness, tune into gratitude, self-love and affirm the person you are becoming. You will take aligned action towards your goals as you focus on your 3 most important priorities which will directly influence your success.


At the start of each week, you will recalibrate and refocus by:

Choosing 3 weekly commitments to help you move the needle towards completing your goals

Choosing 3 affirmations for the week which embody the best version of you & the person you are becoming.

Tuning into your “Be Do Have”:

Declare what it is you want to have

Declare what you’ll do to get there

Declare characteristics & ways of “being” the version of you who already has it!

Weekly Preview

The Weekly Preview Organizer allows you to take a quick glance at any upcoming deadlines or meetings scheduled for the week. This is your week at a quick glance.

Main Takeaways

At the end of each week, there are several pages to record your weekly takeaways, journal & reflect.

Journal Prompts

Here you’ll find thoughtful journaling prompts to help you do the inner work:

Reflect on how far you’ve come and where you’re going Reduce negativity increase your vibration so you can manifest your dreams into reality

Quarterly Review

At the end of each quarter, there is plenty of space for you to journal, reflect and assess your progress.

With the Aligned Planner + Journal you’ll not only thrive—you’ll feel fulfilled, organized, empowered + happy.


Stop being busy doing things that don’t move the needle and take the actions that will allow you to finally manifest your dreams and work from your vision, not towards it.

Say goodbye to overworking, overdoing and not feeling rewarded, fulfilled or happy.

The Aligned Planner + Journal is infused with the laws of attraction and manifestation to raise your vibration, help you attract and accomplish your goals in less time and with more ease.

With the Aligned Planner + Journal, you will:

✔ Start your day with intention by writing in your gratitude journal, so you can acknowledge the abundance already in your life.

Track your habits, and create rituals that serve you and the life you want

✔ Journal on and make the notion and awareness of self love a daily practice

✔ Choose weekly affirmations that will help you create new positive neuropathways

✔ Record, acknowledge and celebrate your wins—daily!

✔ Have weekly journal prompts to help you visualize how you would be and feel in your new identity

✔ Achieve your yearly goals—with quarterly, weekly and daily commitments and impactful actions